What are the benefits to purchasing a car online?

What are the benefits to purchasing a car online?

Buying through Direct Financial Solutions is a simple, and risk-free process. Our staff have worked at dealerships for years, and they found there were a lot of the same complaints about how the car buying process was impersonal and frustrating.

Our goal with DirectFS is to personalize the process and bring the excitement back to car buying.

  • No driving around wasting precious time you don’t have.
  • No spending hours trying to search the web and use those difficult “build your own vehicle tools” to find out its thousands of dollars more than what you wanted to pay. We will do all this work for you!
  • No awkward and frustrating test drives.
  • No getting your hopes up just to find out later you don’t qualify, or the payments are way more than you budgeted for. Instead, let DirectFS help you narrow down your search with a short series of qualifying questions.
  • No pushy car sales people. DirectFS buys vehicles specifically for you in real time. You don’t have to worry about anyone trying to push/sell you on a vehicle just because we have it in inventory like most dealers do.
  • No being attacked by 10 salesmen when you enter a dealership lot. No pressure.
  • No being juggled around from sales person, to manager, to finance manager, to delivery coordinator. That’s four people, in four different departments, and it makes for an exhausting day. We work with you from start to finish.
  • No stalker calls from all the sales people you dealt with during your lot-to-lot search. This is called a follow-up call!
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